Sunday, 12 July 2009

Glad to have people coming to conference 'Children matter' from as far away as Edinburgh, Southport, Swansea, London, Bournemouth. Leicestershire is sending quite a number including mentor for Early Years. The conference was arranged to enable people from this area to benefit too. Hopefully there will be a surge of interest in the neighbourhood in next few days.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Signed up in support of Gary McKinnon. Why did it take publicity of case for recognition to be gained of his Asperger syndrome. It has been around since 1944. Illustrates the time lag between knowledge gained and actually incorporating it in the system
I deal with all children with or without labels.
I've seen developmental problems escalate in last few years amongs my 11+ candidates. 25% are on developmental programmes to address difficulties which make them too slow to pass. One of my earlier students with problems, that meant before intervention he might only do 50% of test paper, is now top of his year at grammar school. One from an independent, selective prep school, struggling to cope, has just won the academic award as top of his class. These children are just as special as those labelled but in the system they are not even picked up.
I aim for excellence for all. Do wish I was not on my own.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Altruism is something I was brought up with - you take some but you give back a lot more.
I've seen developmental delay increase exponentially over last few years. Parents have come up with ideas- pressure in pregnancy over future, early start to nursery, increase of mobile phone use. One has connected increase in delay with increase of breast cancer in younger women. I have no idea which is right. However developmental programmes can help children whatever cause.
I am funding a conference in September so schools and other services can be aware of ways to bridge the gap. It is to spread information.No one involved is going to make money out of it. This may be hard to understand but reducing difficulties in learning makes for less anti social activity later on and, so builds a better world for everyone to enjoy. Who can have a problem with that?