Monday, 1 November 2010

The article on children with Down Syndrome and The Listening Training Programme is in Music and Medicine Journal, volume 2, Issue 4, October 2010. Local children with Down Syndrome are continuing to be added to the research group and the improvements seen are consistent.
In addition work is ongoing with students on the autism spectrum aged 16 - 19 years who are following the listening training programme from ABT. This will added to work with autistic children in Ireland.
Work with dyslexic children and the listening training programme is also ongoing.
An article was published in the Daily Express on a case study of a young woman with dyscalculia who improved following the use of The Listening Training Programme and Primary Movement.
Is it coincidence that Listening Training and Primary Movement can help those with different labels or is developmental delay a feature across all the labels? These might not cure all difficulties for all but can make significant improvements for the individuals. These programmes are drug free and non invasive . No two children are exactly the same but maybe they have more in common rather than being entirely separate as labels imply.