Saturday, 5 March 2011

Yesterday I spent the day discussing the Listening Programme with the UK provider Alan Heath. Lots of schools use TLP but there is no write up on it. Teachers are too busy implementing it in their own school. However this fails to show the areas where it is implemented and the results they are getting.
Every time a new provider wants to implement the programme it is as if they are the first to do this . Some authorities are reluctant to take on anything new. However the use of the programme is widespread and all achieve results. Looking at ways now to show the numerous and diverse situations where the programme is already established. Need to provide information on location , results and point of contact. If all this info could be married together then the benefits of the programme would be self evident.
It is all very well wanting a mass study with strict adherence to scientific protocol but all that takes money. Money not available to teachers or individuals working with limited intake because they have insufficent students to yield matched test, control and placebo subjects. Needs to be a national study. However if you keep on taking students across the board and getting results then eventually interest in mass study will be generated. They cannot keep denying efficacy in the face of results that show it.
The question is 'Do we care enough to correlate results across the country demonstrating the benefits of the programme?' For me personally, this is a must.