Monday, 23 August 2010

We should all be aware that a study on hearing of adolescents shows an increase in adolescent deafness. Should not come as a surprise as we see youngsters, joggers etc with headphones where the ear piece fits into the ear, listening to music through them but sadly, at too loud a volume. I can see the advantage of these headphones. They are neat and not bulky to carry about. They are the trendy thing of the day. However it would be better if we recommended the use of headphones which fit over the ear, where sound has a better chance to escape and used with a player where the volume is limited to a safe level. We have a duty to protect the youngsters and so we should be insisting on volume limitation of playing devices and the recommendation of open headphones.
Many of us may remember the concerts we attended where we know now the volume of music could have had a damaging effect. However we only had very limited exposure. The youth of today are in much greater danger as they can arrange this input, at a continuous dangerous level, for themselves. We need to be training these children from a young age, to take sensible precautions so their hearing is protected.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Down Syndrome study

The Down Syndrome study was written up and published Monday August 2nd, in an early online before print version of the article scheduled to appear in the Journal Music and Medicine in October 2010 issue.

Jeyes,G., Newton,C. Evaluation of the Listening Programme in Assessing Auditory Processing and Speech Skills in Children with Down Syndrome
Music and Medicine August2,2010 doi: 10.1177/1943862110371809

It is important that all should be done to reduce difficulties with communication so that the children will benefit more quickly from their education and, continue that benefit as they move into adult life.